Is your organization prepared for Corona-virus?

  • June 1, 2020
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Watching the nightly news nowadays is truly a surreal experience. You try to plan for everything, but most organizations don’t have a plan in place for a nationwide shutdown because of a global pandemic. Unfortunately, this is the new normal for the time being so if you are scrambling to figure things out or if you are having trouble locating your crisis manual here are some tips that will help you keep your sanity:
Communication is key
It is important that you keep lines of communication open to all parties. This includes your leadership, staff, donors, volunteers, and partners.
External Communication
Since face to face meetings are not ideal under current circumstances use social media and email to keep your key audiences informed of any changes or updates. This is a great time to use social media to increase engagement since people will be tapping into their social networks looking for any information. Take the opportunity to become a credible source of news not only for your organization but for your entire community. You can be a voice for people in need.
Internal Communication
If your staff and volunteers are having to work remotely utilize tools in Office 365 to keep everyone on the same page. Microsoft Teams and Skype are platforms that are built for collaboration and both can be utilized to keep projects moving forward as well as help you and your staff stay on the same page. Virtual meetings will replace in-person meetings and luckily you can rely on GoToMeeting or Zoom for staff or external meetings. Zoom has a free version that has a robust feature set.
Communication Response
Designate a staff member to respond to inquiries internally and externally regarding the Coronavirus. This will ensure that your message is clear and consistent with all parties.
Plan for disruptions
Chances are good that you will have a team member that has to be quarantined so you need to be prepared to have other employees step in when needed or at a minimum know what assets you have in place to cover for staff that is not available. Have backups in place and make sure your backups have backups.
Plan for short term financial constraints:
Reach out to major donors to discuss your immediate needs and how you plan to continue in the short term
Stay active and keep the engagement going on social media, email and over the phone. If you keep communicating people and donors will listen and then respond.

Review what you have in reserve and talk to your bank about an emergency line of credit
Look at areas where you can reduce costs or cut back

How is FNP Cares responding to this crisis?

As an innovative tech company, our teams are able to work remotely, and our support and sales teams will continue to be available as usual with minimal disruption.
We are implementing all reasonable steps to ensure that our services are not affected by the outbreak of COVID-19, so we can continue to deliver uninterrupted services to our customers. While we will be adapting the way in which we work, we are utilizing our technologies and capabilities to continue to provide you with the same level of service.
We are also being good community partners by reaching out and helping where we can. We understand that these are difficult times with a lot of uncertainty, and it is our goal to be helpful and a resource for those in need.
PS: We are also washing our hands, covering our mouths when we cough and trying to stop touching our faces (this is nearly impossible).
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